Monday, January 5, 2009

Today's song will be late

Today I woke at 10, had a quick breakfast and started writing. I'm getting more critical - this is bad. I need to just write and record. But I want them to be good!

I struggle with myself. I want the songs to keep getting better, but without more time with each song they cannot be. There is no time to make the lyrics perfect, work out a better chord structure, add a second bridge (or a first!) Songs take time and this project is about just letting go and letting the songs spring up, half formed and flower briefly before they fade away.

I want this to be a big epic amazing thing that spreads around the world and gets people writing and making art. I want my songs to be genius.

I also want a life! Yesterday I spent six hours on a 42 second song. Mostly I was just learning the software and I like the song but the lyrics are a little sloppy and it's only 42 seconds long.

Today I needed to clean my house and rehearse with my band - remember Vermillion Lies, we have a big exciting show coming up and I want you all there! Right now another band is rehearsing in my recording room (I live in a big warehouse where other bands occasionally rehearse) so I can't record.

Mark Growden is the one rehearsing with his band - he's great! He just wandered back into my art studio and told me he loved my Thirty-One project. Woo-hoo! People are hearing about it.....yay...go go go!

And someone else posted a BLOG, I really like his writing so read on down past the part about me.

Somehow the time just slips away and the end of the day has arrived empty handed asking where the daily song is. It's only day five. And I'm glad I'm doing it but a hundred times a day I wonder why I thought I would have time, patience, energy, money, ego enough.

Let it all go, keep your chin down, your heart up, and write!


I love the art that people are creating for my songs and even if you have not kept up with every one, you can just send in art for the ones that really inspire you to make something. And even if the art is not directly inspired by my songs - let's all share!


  1. I know I can't ask you to not worry about these things, because we don't know each other like that, but I am really enjoying your songs, and your writing. 'Mockingbird' is truly, deeply infectious.

    Thank you for this project.

  2. "not in love" is my favorite! the lyrics are perfect.

    i really love your music. thank you for giving it to us.