Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rock on Wheels!

Finally slept A LOT and woke up in the afternoon. Went for soy chai and chocolate croissant in the little square where we are staying. The house we are staying in used to be occupied by "Robots in Disguise" (great video here) and is now occupied by Cindy Wonderful from "Scream Club" (video here!!) and now Vermillion Lies = EPIC HOUSE!

We decided to walk to our show tonight - just me and Zoe - pushing our gear on a skateboard. Yes, so glamorous! After a mile I DID NOT FEEL LIKE A ROCKSTAR!

Later in the evening I met a german (really? in Germany?) who thought it was really cool that we brought a skateboard all the way from america for the purpose of pushing a damn suitcase down the sidewalk.

The show was at the Lovelite and it was fun. We played with the Kamikaze Queens - they are rockin'!

Then I made out in a room with a disco ball. With someone else.

Tomorrow is May 1st and it will be a MAD party in the streets. Anarchists, police, artists, scared tourists. Wheeeeee!

Please enjoy this complimentary photo of myself with a skateboard and a bunch of *&(*%$#@ heavy gear in Berlin:

skateboards = glamour on Twitpic

p.s. Zoe is in love.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flaming Penguin - or How I learned to stop worrying and love the Leonard

Leonard Cohen, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways....

I've been listening to L. Cohen obsessively and without parental supervision for at least half of my life. I can sing many of his songs by heart and have even covered one (I so rarely do covers that this does really mean something.)

L. Cohen is playing tonight in Oakland, mere minutes from my house. Three nights sold out at $200 a ticket (average) Yikes. I love you Leonard, but love doesn't pay the rent (have you written that song already?)

Today on facebook I noticed a friend/VLfan's status:

"Jonathan Pirro is still deciding whether or not to usher Leonard Cohen tonight."

So I asked if I could also usher and he answered that his contact said "bring as many as you can""

I think that they are desperate and will take me in what I can throw together. Purple and red striped hair, blue nail polish, black dress, black stockings.


They wouldn't even let me in the building. They said I should come back tomorrow in the right clothes.

"You don't want to miss this show."

No I don't want to miss it. Thank you.

I've never been denied entry based on how I look before, it was very odd.

I will try again tomorrow I think because I do love Leonard Cohen enough to dress like a penguin for an evening. And I think I can thrift together enough of a penguin costume for an evening with my baritone baby.

Oh the trials and tribulations.....

And the outfit in question - how dare I!

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Other 31

Here is a link to a lady who did 31 paintings in March because she was oh so inspired by my 31 project. I find painting 19 particularly charming.

There are a lot of month long super creative, kill yourself in the process, projects, but Audrey mentioned me as inspiration so she gets mentioned in my blog.


And in case you were wondering, I am indeed still working on 31 though VERY slowly. I recorded new vocals for Sugar House Lullaby (just fixed up some stuff) and I've been thinking of new ideas for other songs.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Love and the law

This morning I followed Neil Gaiman's "I love you." Twitter post to this blog: in which the author asks that we all post to our social media circles three words: I love you.

I posted that I love you, I even found a a mural on a wall in Boise,ID that proved my love to you:

But are we misusing the word love, taking advantage of a word that still holds a charge. People used to be much more economical in the use of their words. Love was reserved for actual love. Awesome meant something that actually inspired awe, a feeling which would render you speechless, and incapable of uttering something like, "That is awesome!".

I'm not stingy with my love, I can give out a lot. I can love everything. But do I need to say it? All the time?

Should we be telling everyone that we "Love" everything when what we really mean is like a lot, or think is neat? Or should we save the word for special moments, moments when the feeling we have renders us speechless?

Maybe there is no word for love now that we are loving everything all the time.

"You'll love our new nachos!"

Really? Love? Speechless and all?

I believe in love, and expression, and that we are what we speak. The words we choose shape our beliefs and I would rather live in a world where we all love everything.

But I also love asking questions.

And I wonder if Love is subject to the law of diminishing returns?