Thursday, January 15, 2009

Song Fifteen - Like Strangers do

<a href="">01/15/09 - Like Strangers Do by Vermillion Lies</a>

I really like the concept of this song, but it needs a lot of work for me to be happy with it. I would change the musical structure completely and the lyrics need rewriting but the beginnings of a story are there.

At breakfast I was thinking about the purity of a burgeoning friendship. There is a trust and love that exists only in the beginning of the relationship which fades over time (often to be replaced by a deeper love and trust - same, same, but different.) And I have felt that I can know someone completely in the first day or days but that knowledge somehow gets clouded by our interaction and the longer I know them the less I know. Which is an entirely different song. Wow! Look at me!

But today's song is about those times in my life when I have had a complete stranger say the exact right thing. Sometimes someone just shakes you down - in a spiritual sense - and gets all your loose change out of you.

Loose change.....(alternate song title?... nah.)

I'm also having a hard day today besides the song project. I'm rubbing everything the wrong way -- and it's reciprocal.

"I am a pretty impossible lady to be with." (That's a lyric from the last song that made me cry - Tire Swing by Kimya Dawson)


I met him while I was crossing the street
in a foreign language he called to me
he told me all about my life
he knew it all in that first night

Nobody knows me
like strangers do

A woman sitting in the park
holding her hands up in the dark
she took one look at me
and told me all about my dreams

Nobody knows me
like strangers do

Have you ever met somebody
who took one look at you
and todl you a hundred thousand things
all of them were true

Nobody knows you
like strangers do


  1. A few months ago I went on my weekly grocery shopping trip a couple days before I was supposed to take the Law School Admissions Test.

    An old women who worked at the store made conversation with me and my twin sister. She asked if we went to the university (the town is separated from townies/residents and students) - this happens to us all the time because we're young they always assume we are students (which we are). She said you two are smart, I can tell. What are you studying? And right as I was saying "pre-law" she said "You're going to be lawyers aren't you? I can tell these things" and I was taken back. She said, "You're going to be alright, I know this."

    Turns out I bombed the LSAT and I'm more confused about what I want to do with my life more than ever, but some how she knew things she had no way of knowing, it was too uncanny for her to make several random - yet correct - assumptions. The random assurance of a stranger was spooky and comforting. This story and this song reminds me of that moment.


  2. I like this one. I can see changing up the structure and polishing the lyrics would be good, but it's got real potential.

    I'm curious what you're using to record. Is it just microphones into garageband, or are you using another program?