Sunday, January 11, 2009

Take Kim Vermillion out to dinner

I make money by touring. I make a very small amount of money which leaves me just enough for rent, food and a tiny bit of fun. I am not complaining. I have chosen this. This is the cost of the dream. There is hard hard work, little sleep, nights in strange houses, long drives, sister fights, missing lovers, loading gear in the rain, all for almost no money.

But that is why not everyone is a musician or artist, because yes, the dream is amazing and when it works it is the best thing ever, but the cost is so very high and many people have things like houses, cars, families that need more support than a musician's pay can give.

I overheard a conversation at a reunion show - an old band got together a decade after splitting up, the saxophone player looked at the drummer and said, "I'm so envious of how you have managed to live your life around music. How do you do it?" The drummer grinned a little and said, "I married a lady with a trust fund." (I happen to know he loves her very much - he didn't marry her for money, it just allowed him to devote his life to music. And he still teaches and works hard.)

It's not a secret. You struggle. All your life. The starving artist, it isn't just a romantic idea. I know a few people who do music for a living, most of them do so by recording or teaching - or both. The occasional gig comes along and there is always the glimmer of a dream that a band will "make it."

Tending bar, waiting tables, teaching little kids, playing weddings: my friends do what they can to make ends meet. Usually when I'm not on tour I do graphic design. It's ok, I like it enough but it's hard to pick up jobs when I'm home. And right now I just don't have time.

Well, I got myself into it. And I will keep going no matter what. And I won't starve. But if you feel so inclined to donate to my project, that would be great!

Because I have about $100 left to my name. Because I'm a crazy artist. Because it would be like buying the CD, or the box set, or taking me out to dinner.

And you know you want to take me out to dinner.


And if you don't have money, just say hi! I love you all.


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  2. Hi, Kim,

    I love your project and totally respect what you do. I'm doing something similar at:
    Unlike you, however, I don't have the daring to embark on the starving artist's journey so I've kept my day job and only have the time to do one song a week. But I'm going to try and keep it going for the whole year.

    by the way, I think we may have some mutual acquaintances - I've written some music for Emperor Norton's Stantionary Marching Band.

  3. But what if someone wanted to take you out to dinner instead? :D