Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big. And Easy.

The shirts are in! People are already getting their shirts - even the ones sent to Europe. Wow! And I love the pictures, so keep them coming!

I have about 30 shirts left - they are going fast and these are limited edition. I had to raise the price a tiny bit as I am now on the road and paying someone else to ship them, but they are still just $12.50!

Last night I went out for one final night with Molly Crabapple, she took me to secret fancy bars in Manhattan where we snuggled on velvet couches while sipping delicious cocktails. Then I went home to sleep on the floor - because I had given my mattress away during the moving process. Oh the grit and glitter of my oh so glamorous/not so glamorous life.

The last week in NY was a little hard. The beautiful, vibrant apartment, which had once been filled with amazing art, amazing Australians, and a lot of life, was now dismantled, empty, hollow, and sad. I was also feeling the post-partem depression that often comes after completing a big project - the mixing of my album. It wasn't a terrible time, just a low point, one of the natural down cycles that must happen at times. And I've learned to be patient and ride it out.

But I had a brilliant last show in NYC. Friends John and Jim opened the night with their lo-fi electronica project called, Anxieteam. Then I bounced across a full set of songs - happy, sad, silly, beautiful, joyous, alive. And this amazing moment where I exploded into a ball of light was captured on camera:

"If you could use joy as an energy source, Kim would have lit up New York last night." - from the blog of C.S. Daley

This morning I rousted myself from the floor after 2.5 hours of sleep and flew off to New Orleans where I am housed in a beautiful home in the 'musicians village.' Helen Gillet is out of town so I have the whole house, the grand piano, the bathtub, and the wonderful cat all to myself. Which is perfect because so much happened in NYC that I need some quiet time to let it all settle in before I whip myself back into the whirlwind that is my life.

Plans in New Orleans include:

- making a music video with my beautifully talented friends here
- booking, emailing, planning album release, ordering merch, general everything
- snuggling Lily the cat
- playing a kick ass show with Helen Gillet

June 27th 9pm
The Big Top
New Orleans


Favorite moment of the day (besides snuggly kitty, buying perfectly tailored sequin dress for $5 at favorite junk shop, and eating lunch with the Secret Mayor of New Orleans) was on the plane before take off when the flight attendant stopped to pick something up in the aisle, then handed me a cluster of sequins and said "Is this yours?"

....and you shall know her by the trail of the sequins.......

Friday, June 11, 2010

Kim Boekbinder Believes in Me!

First of all: Licorice and cheese are perfectly acceptable and healthy lunch options. Way better than reindeer milk for keeping you energized and taut.

Secondly: Kim Boekbinder BELIEVES in you!!

ORDER a shirt for $10!

These shirts were designed and hand printed by Melissa Dowell. Some of them are printed very lightly, or slightly off center, giving them a vintage aesthetic - they look great!.