Friday, July 30, 2010

Sketch your heart out

In Melbourne, Australia to make music videos - they are SO GOOD!!! I stopped by Dr. Sketchy's Melbourne to pose with Agent Cleave for some hot gypsy on gypsy action.


I'm getting ready to release chapter one of my album - The Impossible Girl. Chapter One will have four songs, produced by Sean Slade, recorded by Benny Grotto. Everyone who pre-ordered my album will get a download code to download chapter one - and all subsequent chapters.

I have a big fancy San Francisco show on August 20th and it would be very wonderful if you came to see me and celebrate the launch of Chapter One of The Impossible Girl. The show will be at The Independent with The New Orleans Bingo! Show - truly a concert experience not to be missed: August 20th at The Independent

Here is a random shot of me in a dressing room trying out costumes for a video shoot:


And here I am after my gig at The Epsy, hanging out in a strange fountain and looking rather epic:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Album Release - Chapter One

Video by Jim Batt.

My pre-order has ended. Thank you to all those who contributed while it was up. Over $18,000 was raised which paid for recording, mastering, and a little extra left over for making things. Amazing! 

The Impossible Girl has grown into a big project, with art contributions from some amazing artists. The album will be released digitally in four chapters - followed by a CD collection of all four chapters. 

Chapter One of The Impossible Girl will be released online on August 15th. More release dates will be announced soon.

I'm in Australia, working on music videos to accompany the album release. Things are looking really great around here: dressing up, setting things on fire, breaking and entering. All for art!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Final Weekend of Album Pre-Order

Final album preview tracks up! Including 'Rainbows and Unicorns'!

<a href="">Gypsy - Album Preview by Kim Boekbinder</a>

We are so very close to the end. Pre-order comes down on July 18th! The Gaiman/Palmer/Boekbinder signed ukulele will go out to its new home. The pre-order will fold in on itself, fashion for itself a little cocoon, and emerge very soon as a new and fantastical winged beast called, 'The Impossible Girl.'

We're so very close! $16,000 has been raised so far and the recording is done! Mastering is being done, album art is coming in, music videos are being filmed (in Australia!) and the release date will be announced on July 19th.

If you want to pre-order, now is the time, as the pre-order will go away on Sunday, July 18th. Still lots of tasty pre-order packages available.

Thank you for being part of the process! We're almost done!! Hurray!!!


Kim Boekbinder
The Impossible Girl

Under a Strange Sky

Saw my first Koala yesterday! In a tree in the backyard, just hanging out, very wet and bedraggled, but super fuzzy and cute and very close. He was not as excited to see me as I was to see him.

Still no kangaroos. The locals laugh at me for being so excited to see the native fauna - literally running in circles I was so excited about the koala. But then I laughed out loud - a lot - when Jim told me how awesome it was to see a squirrel when he went to America. 

I'm in the countryside, about 45 minutes from the nearest town, about 2 hours from Melbourne. We came up to shoot some videos in the woods. Jim Batt wears a special director's hat.

One of the videos will have these paper flowers, so I've been churning them out on a little assembly line.

Today we shot two videos - one for me, one for another project Jim works on:

Tomorrow we will shoot another two videos for me. We have plans to shoot at least three more videos while I'm here, it's a very ambitious schedule, but I'm very interested in the visual aspect of my album as well.

Here are some costume scouting photos - from Rose Chong's in Melbourne, Australia:



p.s. The sky is different here. New constellations in the night sky. And sometimes when I look up....I see koalas!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where is the Kim?

Photo by: Ken "Sharky" Braden

I'm in a cafe in Melbourne, Australia, planning music videos and album release dates. Jim Batt will be writing and directing all the videos I make in Australia - he's also the one working on the animated music video for The Organ Donor's March.

The jet lag is pretty intense, but mostly hasn't bothered me because I've been staying in and not venturing out into the world too much. I'll have more to say about Australia soon - once I get myself out of the strange time zone that I have made for myself that doesn't correspond to anything else in the world.

New Orleans was wonderful. I shot a great music video with Ron Rona, played four shows, and did two really good radio interviews: WWOZ, and WTUL. I also made some really wonderful new connections and strengthened existing friendships. New Orleans is a wonderful, magical place that can only exist in one spot in this planet. I spent a lot of time signing up to volunteer on the oil "spill" cleanup, but was never called to work. The tragedy was brought into a different light being in a place that was so imminently threatened by it. I still cannot believe that the criminals responsible have been left in charge of the cleanup. The frustration, rage, and sadness of the locals is palpable and I felt it all myself as New Orleans is one of my homes.

We are sad, we are angry, we are human. We keep living, smiling, driving on.


I'm so impatient to release my album, but also happy to be taking time to gather all the pieces and release it in a good way. There are so many songs, in so many styles, and so many ways to present the work. I've been getting my art submissions from contributing artists and I'm really incredibly happy with the quality, variety, and creativity of these pieces. The Impossible Girl is growing into a wonderful garden of collaboration.


Here is a video by Ron Rona (who directed my shoot for "The Big Easy")

Here is a video by Jim Batt