Thursday, January 8, 2009

This is the number eight! And seven! And six!

<a href="">01/08/09 - Let's sing! by Vermillion Lies</a>

I did actually spend a significant amount of time working on a song - or rather on getting to a song, which I never got to. This is what I got to. Not quite a song, just a sonic logo really. But I think it counts.

To make sure you know when songs are posted you should sign up for the Vermillion Lies Twitter it is really the only thing I am sure to post on since it is fast and I don't always have time to post and cross post on all the various sites and blogs (facebook, myspace, blogger....)

Once again: Vermillion Lies Twitter

And you can access the songs, the series, the unique artwork (of which there will be more soon) by going directly to: Vermillion Lies BandCamp


<a href="">01/07/09 - All That I Have by Vermillion Lies</a>


<a href="">01/06/09 - Hell's Diner (written by request) by Vermillion Lies</a>

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