Thursday, January 29, 2009

Song 29 - I lost my voice!

<a href="">01/29/09 - Harriet (written with Twitter) by Vermillion Lies</a>

Today I asked followers on Twitter to each write a line to a song. I got about 30 replies that didn't go together at all. I took a few words from each twitter response.

Unfortunately my voice is almost gone because I am sick. I need to save my voice for my show in two days so here is the music with no words....yet!

Or maybe it's just a sing-a-long!


fairly certain joy was
sitting on water
more my friend
my brain over your house
luring wolves behind the strings
if i'm covered in this snow
that was awake
from flickering light
tell me you feel
the unluckiest
axe is falling
when will you drive
until my love may fade
all i really wouldn't wear
pile round me
envy, as long
like angles
her name rang in my head

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