Sunday, January 11, 2009

Song Ten - Sugar House Lullaby

<a href="">01/10/09 - Sugar House Lullaby (written by request) by Vermillion Lies</a>

We're in the double digits now! Song ten. I like to work at night these days so the songs are later and later. I wanted to hang out with friends tonight but it was that or finish the song and I chose the song. I feel like a bad friend. And a little sorry for myself because I never get to see those people because I'm always hunched over a computer with some crazy new project. My only consolation is that most of my favorite famous artists must have been total jerks to their friends. Apparently my goal is to be a jerk.....

Many friends are pregnant or having babies. It's strange. I feel so disconnected from that world of families and babies. This song was by request for a woman who just had a baby. The song is not quite what was requested but Marie is one of the baby's middle names and it snuck its way into the song.

The image of the Sugar House came from a conversation about maple syrup I had with a friend - a sugar house is basically a maple syrup distillery.

The photograph came from a google image search and will be replaced when I make or get unique art. (


you live in a sugar house
it's been boarded up for years
you sleep in an expensive bed
it's made of lily pads and spiderwebs

and in your dreams
when i can't sleep
you sing me lullabies
from the deep

the flies are dancing on the wall
they left their shadows there for you
the winter soon will come again
you can watch the icicles

and in your dreams
when you can't sleep
i'll sing you lullabies
from the deep

my sweet marie
you came for me
i'll write you lullabies
of the deep

and in our dreams
when we can't sleep
we're singing lullabies
from the deep


guitar. banjo. voice. piano horn. girl so tired she cannot focus her eyes.

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