Monday, July 25, 2011

First Pre-Sold Show Recap

photos by Kate Black

Watch the webcast:

Watch live streaming video from makerbot at

I spent weeks making 440 paper flowers out of 1800 sheets of tissue paper because I wanted this show to be visually amazing. The wonderful people at MakerBot let me take over their space, helped me build a stage, filmed the webcast, and even printed me out in 3D while I was playing!

Folding flowers.

Flowers get flounced by handy Australians.


The flower wall is assembled. 200 flowers in all.

The stage is built.

The flower wall is hoisted into place behind the stage.

The show.
photos by Jim Batt

Stage and projections by Bri Olson
photo by Ryan Anas

Projections by Bri Olson
Poster by Molly Crabapple
Sound by Nathaniel Chambers
T-shirts by Melissa Dowel
Door and random help by Foley
Webcast by Eddie Codel
MakerBot love by Keith Ozar
Flowers by Kim Boekbinder, Jim Batt, Oliver Boekbinder, Ryan Anas, Autumn Drouin, 
Dax Tran-Caffee, Katelan Foisy, Sean Wyers, and Betty Turier.

This was such a wonderful experience. I'll be launching Kickstarter pages for my pre-sold tour this week. Anyone in Florida should check this out: Bring The Impossible Girl to Tampa, FL

Thank you for supporting my first ever pre-sold show!

Abigail Amalton
Adam T
Alan Spindel
Ana Cerro
Andreas Beck
Andrew Janke
Anna J
Annalee Terranova
Arianna Biasini
Arthur Omeljaniuk
Atlanta Camilleri
Autumn Drouin
Ben Hayes
Brian Lopez
Brianna Lueders
BriAnna Olson
Bryan Chance
Cameron Horn
Carter Laren
Cheeky Buckfest
Chris Hamilton
Chris Kalata
Corey Sheesley
Courtney Varga
Cynthia von Buhler
d freymann
Dan Smart
Danielle Lavigne
David Fulcher
David Maynor
David Renshaw
Dawn Nikithser
Dennis Friend
Dennis Preski
Denny-Ray Carstens
Dietmar Bloech
Douglas Young
Fidel Jiron Jr.
Gary Falk
Ginger Raner
Graham Arnold
Greg Nesbitt
Gudrun Thäter
Guillaume Laurent
harry w skene
Heath White
Ian Gazzotti
Ian Lewis
J Whitney
James Jackson
Janna Rhodes
Jared Boles
Jessica Berglund
jim ramsay
Josh Hoffmann
Kaebel Hashitani
Karina Cetin
Kate Lee
Katie McManus
Keith Jenson
Ken Kilen
kris cowen
Kristin Brenemen
Lewis Winter
Mark Anderson
Matt Mullany-Green
Matt Wicking
Megan Kingery
Meghann Gilligan
Menachem Luchins
Michael Davis
Michael Diaz
Mike Knauer
Molly Crabapple
Monica Arrington
Myrrh Larsen
Nelia White
Patrick McCracken
Philip Tchernavskij
Quinn McDonald
Rachel Boyadjis
Rita Flores
Rita J. King
Robyn Tillery
Ryan Anas
Saki Waki
Sam Mancuso
Samuel Erikson
Sara Robisch
Sean Francis
Seth Gover
Shawn Patzkowsky
Shervyn von Hoerl
Skaja Wills
Stav Meishar
Summer Laws
Sylva J
tim kardos
Tim Kellen
Tim Reynolds
Tomás Ford
Tony Gatner
Travis Amiel
Trisha Cornelius
Wayne Watrach
wendy boffo
Yao Xiao

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Music Video: Impossible Girl #3

On Vimeo

On Youtube

A short history of this music video:

This is the first video Jim Batt  and I ever shot together. Jim just happened to have an old bathtub in the woods of his family home and walked bucket after bucket of hot water out through the trees so that my mid-winter bath would be nice and warm. Impossible Girl #3 is not a song I think about often, I hardly ever listen to it and I never play it. It isn't that it's a bad song, I just don't need it anymore. I wrote it at a time when I needed it and then that time passed. I do think it's pretty and the video makes me happy. 

In other news: Yesterday I became a unicorn!
Molly Crabapple plays the virgin who tames me.


I have 19 tickets left for my first ever pre-sold show in NYC on July 21st. Get them here:

*The unicorn horn made for me by M.A.D. Hatter in Melbourne.



p.s. I finally got a new computer and it is making my life way better. I'll be able to record demos, do webcasts, edit videos, and so much more - all without needing to be constantly plugged in and crashing all my programs several times a day. Yay functionality!