Friday, May 13, 2011

Going Steady

I've decided to 'Go Steady' with New York City. At least for a few months I will call Brooklyn my home.  And then I'll probably extend my lease for a few more months and flee when the cold settles into my bones to the city I love in the Southern Hemisphere.

But this summer I'll be sweating with all the rest of you New Yorkers, at least when I'm not sweating in some other city in the United States of America.

Maybe I'll call it the United Sweats of America Tour.

Anyway - I'll have an address in New York. And I will do little regional tours. And we shall all rejoice. Hooray!

Get ready to sweat.



p.s. For those of you new to my "Impossible Girl" lifestyle: having a fixed address is a BIG step. I tend to run my empire out of a suitcase. I also tend to be a little crazy. My grandfather told me recently that he and my grandmother really admired the way I move through life. I told them my brother thinks I'm crazy. My grandmother said, "Maybe that's why you're so good at your life."


Photo by Shami Kiely

Thursday, May 5, 2011

So Long, Australia

Last day in Melbourne. Corner of Smith & Gertrude. 
Being really cool.

Australia was exactly what I needed. Good shows, good people, staying in one place for longer than two months. I built up an audience, my show got better, I made art, I made friends, I made love. For so many reasons I needed to be right where I was.

And now I'm back in America, sitting in a room in Carmel Ca at my father's house, surrounded by my old things and ready to be back here, putting on shows, being the Impossible Girl, doing what I do best.

My next gig is tonight (Friday May 6th) in Monterey. DETAILS HERE.

Next gigs are in Nevada City CA and San Francisco. DETAILS HERE

Here is a little photo essay of my last weekend in Australia. I went out to the country and played at the Ruffy Community Center to about 50 people who live out there in the wild. 

The fairytale house where I stayed.

Fairytale garden.

Fairytale Oak trees. Seriously.

I go looking for kangaroos at dusk.
Wearing my camouflage.  

Down to the swamp.

This is the face I make when I see kangaroos.
Excited. Also a little hungry.

My show at The Ruffy Community Hall. 
They served cake and coffee during intermission.
(Hello, Twin Peaks.)

A quiet moment in the garden.

Back in Melbourne, I have a going away party.

And then I pack.

Australia, I love you.


Even if you do have scary unicorns.

I'll be back.

Photos by Jim Batt