Friday, January 30, 2009

Bonus Track - my boyfriend gives me a hard time over yesterday's "song"

Bonus track - not a song!

This is a recording of my boyfriend, Myles Boisen, giving me a hard time at breakfast.

<a href="">01/30/09 - NOT A SONG YET - Bonus track by Vermillion Lies</a>

So...I've been pretty private about my romantic life so far, except when I posted a blog about possibly breaking up with my boyfriend. We didn't break up. I love him to pieces, and he loves me into smaller pieces, then I love him back into a sand like consistency, then he loves me to a fine goes on forever like this.

I think that perhaps my reticence is due to my perception that being a single "rockstar" is more appealing to the masses than being an unavailable one.

What? No that is definitely not the reason, the real reason is that this summer we decided that one of us Vermillion Sisters needs to date Justin Timberlake. For the sake of the band. Since sister Zoe is mostly gay-ish it falls to me, sister Kim, to "take one for the team," as it were (or if you will...)

So even though I am telling you about my boyfriend, I need you to work with me on this and if you see Justin Timberlake do NOT - under any circumstances - tell him that I already have a boyfriend. It would RUIN my career.


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