Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Song Fourteen - Elizabeth

<a href="">01/14/09 - Elizabeth by Vermillion Lies</a>

I wrote so many little pieces of songs today that just didn't quite gel. There are so many bad songs waiting inside me to jump out when I'm not watching.

Finally this worked. Originally the track had different lyrics. I think it sounds kind of early nineties.

I'm really sick of songs. I'm almost halfway. It's almost my birthday.

This song is one minute long and has 49 words and seven vocal tracks. Whee!


Elizabeth, where are you going
with those flowers in your hair?


Elizabeth, why aren't you sleeping?
Is it a dream or a nightmare?


Elizabeth, if I was your lover
would you tell your secrets to me?



Creative downtime is so important. I tend to be quite prolific but sometimes there isn't a song. Basking in the time in between bouts of inspiration is vital to the process. Being forced (by myself!) to write even though I feel nothing is getting harder and harder. Each day I have faith that a song will appear but each day I am coming up against a greater blank - a giant white wall with no handholds to help climb and no colors to paint with. I scream into a void.

OHHHH...I think to myself....THIS is why people are saying I am brave.

I never thought of it as brave, I just did it because it sounded interesting. It got a little harder, and then harder, and now I am realizing just how deep I got myself.

If I had known before hand how much time/energy/creativity would be required, I would not have chosen to do this now. I don't have time for this!

But I did it like I do everything else - head first, no parachute, out the plane, off the cliff, whatever. I never learn and I would never do it another way.

Great but....I'd like a parachute now. Or maybe just some wings. Yeah.

Ok your homework assignment is to dream up some wings for me - maybe if we all concentrate on it these last few days before my birthday, I will wake up on Sunday morning and finally be able to fly.

Yours in music,

Kim Vermillion Boekbinder - the first, the last, the only.

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  1. I like this track. I don't know if it sounds early nineties but I will admit that it puts me in a mood to listen to the Pixies.