Thursday, January 21, 2010

January recording Wrap-up and Thank You!

Me in snow!

We wrapped up our recording today, and drove back to Boston. We got quite a bit done - six entire songs, almost ready to go - they just need a few more instruments, then mixing and mastering. Our next recording session is booked for March in Oakland, with my backup band.

Sean and Benny were wonderful to work with, relaxed, yet engaged, professional, yet willing to play and be silly.

Last night Sean and I played piano duet, and then I dropped rice on a cymbal to create shimmery rain sounds for "Song for my Father."

Here is the house we recorded in:

Here is Sean rocking out on the shortwave radio which provides a wonderful accompaniment to my newest song: Open/Avocado

And we all talked about how grateful we were to be in this magical musical space, getting work done, but also with this great space to play and feel, and love the music. And so Sean wrote a note to all who have contributed to my album campaign so far:

From Sean:

"Dearest Contributors!

Huzzah and hats off to you! Your generosity has allowed us to create nine new Kim songs for you; I can't wait for you to dig them!

Luv on ya!

Sean Slade"

Also signed by Benny and Kim (me!)

From Benny's Blog:

"Kim Boekbinder and Sean Slade

Tonight marks the final evening of my all-too-short recording stay with Mr. Sean Slade and Ms. Kim Boekbinder at Slade's lovely Quarry Recording Studio in the gorgeous (and currently very snowy!!) woods of Maine.

We got ourselves a helluva jump-start on Kim's forthcoming solo album(s?) - which promises to be a playful, beautiful, and highly artistic collection of music that pools from an incredibly diverse range of influences while still sounding uniquely Kim - knocking out six tunes; five of which are recorded to an old 8-track Otari machine in glorious mono (!!! [...and you shoulda seen some of the gear we used to get it there!!]).

Kim is one of the most inspiring artists I've met in ages; she's the kind of person whose drive and dedication makes you rethink your own, while somehow encouraging a sense of positivity and optimism (as opposed to a sense of inadequacy) along the way. Particularly inspiring is her approach to funding her new record: it's being paid for entirely by contributions from her fans (patrons can visit for more information, and for fuck's sake, check out her sculpture!!), which, as far as I'm concerned, is an amazing and (hopefully) trendsetting approach to making records in an age of rampant music piracy and the shitstorm of major label mediocrity.

While it's most certainly a drag to be calling this session a wrap, I feel extremely fortunate to have spent time amongst such incredible talent (and good people! [and INSANELY good cooks. Yum!!]), and to be involved in a record that is as sonically, socially, and musically-engaging as this one."

Link to Benny's Myspace Blog


In other news I did a great interview over at

Great quotes include:

"I also like duck a lot, it's like bacon with wings."

"That's the key to my heart, cover it in fat."

"Doing what you love for a living is a great way to stop loving what you do."


  1. Yeah for you. I bet you can't wait for March when you can wrap it up in one giant beautiful package.

    I know I can't wait to hear it. I promise to get busy on my auction before then. We have to keep the funding going. :)

  2. Doing what love for a living is a great way to stop living after you've done it.