Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Atlanta, GA - I Need to Know

Hello Darlings,

I have a date at the Drunken Unicorn on February 26th - I'm very excited to be playing in Atlanta, GA! And at a place called The Drunken Unicorn!!!!

The Unicorn does a lot of 21+ shows but have given me the option of doing an 18+ show. While I love to be inclusive and prefer as few restrictions as possible, making a show 18+ takes $$ out of my pocket.

This is the text from the Unicorn:

"18+ shows production is $140 whereas 21+ is $60, the bands get the rest of the door after production."

This is actually a good deal for an unknown musician in a new market. The reason it costs more for 18+ vs 21+ is that more alcohol is sold at 21+ and the bar makes more money that way. It costs money to put on shows - the bar has to pay the booker, the sound person, the door person, and for any advertising they do.

Now, $80 is a lot for me. Considering I am already buying my plane ticket out there, and I don't think I have any sort of "following" in your fair city as this is my first solo show there.

I really need your feedback here. I need to know what kind of interest there is in a show in general, and certainly what kind of interest in a 18+ show.

The show will cost $5-7 and I'll need about 25 people to come to even get paid at all.

You might think I'm famous, and in a way I am, but that doesn't mean lots of people come to my shows everywhere I go. And while I'm not in this for the money I can't afford to eat $80, or any $ (also I don't think $ should be eaten at all....yuck.)

Oh...this "business" part of music is so tricky.

ATL speak up: pass this to anyone who might be interested in the show.

Comment here, or twitter: @KimBoekbinder, or email me: kim {at}




  1. I am DYING to see you in Atlanta, but I'm 19 so I'm really hoping the 18+ works out. I'm not exactly well off either, but I've got some extra spending money around here somewhere that I could chip in if you need it. It's not much, but maybe it could help? Let me know.

  2. I will be attending and telling my friends they need show up as well. Ive only been to 2 shows at the drunken unicorn and attendance was great the first show (Juilet Lewis) and moderate the second (The ettes). Unsure if they where 18+ or 21+. I will would love to photograph the show as well. Will i need a press pass or are cameras allowed in the show?

  3. I would say if the price you charge at the door isn't fixed would it be possible to charge more if you're under 21? That's a pretty common practice here in Atlanta since those on the younger end aren't going to spend as much money at the venue they pay more at the door.

    I've already written this date on the calendar. keep us posted of what you need (crash space, street team, whatever)!!!!