Monday, January 4, 2010


Dear friends,

Today we met the first goal in my album pre-order/fundraiser: $5,000

In two weeks, on my birthday, I begin to record my album. This is amazing.

In a feat (or fit) of comedic irony, I had to coerce a friend to buy me a celebratory drink, because I have no dollars to spend (only my album has money.) We drank Mai Tais in a Tiki bar, and played pool - VERY BADLY - and climbed a wall into a graveyard where it was quiet and lovely, and we were happy.

I am so grateful, and happy, and full. And loved. And love. Love.

I think we should do a webcast of my new songs - not just ukulele and stories, but an actual web concert, just for you. Sunday? Maybe?

I love you darlings. Be happy, be daring, be free.

p.s. The "CHIP IN" widget does not say $5,000 because it has a glitch - rest assured we have actually made it!


  1. Dear Kim,
    I'm so proud of you and so glad to be a small part of it with my tiny contribution!
    I'm happy that you are now able o start this project, and I'msure it will be great.
    I'll drink to that!

    And YAY for the concert.. I hope I'll manage to be there, due to time gap!

    Kim, what you do is wonderful, keep dancing the music at the beat of your heart and everything will suddenly become magic.

  2. Excited for you and and excited for what's to come! Sunday would be awesome for a web-concert.