Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Are you going to eat that?

I have a drawer full of impossible creatures.

My penchant for detail, my small agile hands, my ability to attach papery thin, desiccated, and crumbling butterfly wings onto seahorses has led me to the conclusion that I would be a great surgeon.

If you are ever marooned, or deserted, or in a group of starving pilgrims making their way across a mountain range, you better hope I am the one amputating your arm so we can all eat it. Because I would cut your arm off better than anybody else would.

Or if you just want a seahorse with wings you could come to my art show on January 15th.

The Alternative Cafe
1230 Fremont Blvd.
Seaside, CA 93955

Opening from 6-9 (usually goes later) I will play a few uke songs at some point in the evening.

I also have a musical show in Monterey, CA on January 14th.

January 14th
Dakota Belle Witt opens the show!

And this Sunday, at 6pm PST, I will play songs for you on the internet. I will not archive this show, you will have to watch it to see it. I will play guitar, I will sing, I will dance.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a scalpel and a tube of superglue.


  1. I love your seahorses! I wish I could come to your art show. You inspire me to finally get the materials to make my own art projects that have been created in my mind's eye but look like a hodgepodge of stuff in a drawer of my house. :)

    If you want to make a batch of angelic lizards or frogs let me know, my day job is real estate and the poor little critters get stuck in the vacant homes and dry out, I've been collecting them as I come across them with the hopes to do something with the remains.

    Keep making art, I love it! :) I can't wait for your album. xoxo

  2. This was a very zombie like post. I am so proud. You can amputate my arm, although I think it would be to stringy to eat.

  3. They are lovely and slightly creepy at the same time (i like this).