Monday, February 1, 2010

Dream - February 1, 2010

Last night I dreamt you were driving, telling me about how you got married by a government official who told you he didn't believe in love. I told you that I wasn't sure I believed in love. You said this was understandable given all the things I had been through in the past year. I pointed to the sky and said that we could see the reflections of all the bodies of water in North America - an aqueous map projected on the starscape.

When I looked out the car window I noticed the water on the lake was moving like a magnetic fluid, rising and falling in spires and pyramids. I marveled at it.

You asked me what was affecting me so much. I told you it was all the violence I had witnessed recently. You told me I should not let it live inside me this way.

We walked through a park, kissed in a stranger's living room. I told you about my dreams.

I woke up without you.


  1. A weird dream during a weird day, did you know today is a palindrome?

    Day/Month/ Year = 01022010

    Awesome =]

  2. That's a very beautiful dream! I have never seen anything like that magnetic fluid before. It must have been amazing to see water in the sky react to the water on the land like that in the dream. I believe in love. That feeling is too strong to stand for nothing. As a teenager, love was very static to me, like a big rock that crashed down from the sky and crused the lovers into something entirely different. But now it think love is more like the magnetic fluid, ever changing and moving and reacting and touching. Not an unliving force or a bond but a beutiful dance of energy, undying and able to take on the shape of what each person needs.
    I hope that love always finds a home in your heart and that when darkens does cross your path, I hope it rolls over you like a passing cloud on a beautiful sky of dancing water. <3