Friday, February 12, 2010

Live Recording and Brooklyn Breaking News!

At Zebulon with Kayla Oberlin - photo by Fairytale Vegas

I got a live recording from Zebulon which you can listen to and download for $5.

If you pre-ordered my album I emailed you a code so you can download it for free.

<a href="">Open/Avocado - Live by Kim Boekbinder</a>

At Goodbye Blue Monday - photo by Autumn Adamme

My time in New York was incredible. I had two great shows, and an unforgettable webcast with Molly Crabapple - who convinced me to move in with her. I'll be in Brooklyn March - July with a residency at Goodbye Blue Monday and more shows to come!

On March 2nd I fly to Boston to finish recording my album - recording was moved from SF to Boston for logistical reasons. To finish recording I really need to hit my next fundraising goal of $10,000. This will allow me to pay Sean Slade, the producer, as well as the engineers, and the musicians. I will also be able to master the album and start putting together a package to get it out into the world.

Please spread the word about the project, it gets better every day. All the doubts I had have turned in on themselves and unfurled into tiny wings that carry my songs to new heights each time I play. The music is making itself, it wants to be heard, it wants to be free.

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If you haven't pre-ordered yet you can do so here:

At Goodbye Blue monday - photo by Fairytale Vegas

At Zebulon - photo by Fairytale Vegas


  1. Yeah!! Your music must be set free for the rest of us. How else will we learn how to fly :)

  2. Fantastic photos! Goodbye Blue Monday is such a cool place, good to see you're enjoy the best parts of the city!

    I just saw Zoe in LA last week, warms my heart to know you too are on opposite sides of the country and spreading love and music.

  3. It's lovely although I found the sound very faint (it could be my computer: the damned thing isn't quite the thing to listen to music).