Monday, November 23, 2009

The Fire and The Flame

On the way to my show last night a man on the tram said "Du bist das Feuer und die Flamme."

"You are the fire and the flame."

The show was very early for Berlin and there was hardly anybody there at 8, but when I started at 8:30 the room magically filled, and by my second set at 9:30 the room was full, and quiet, and great. It was such a good show. I was confident, flowing, ready. The emotional arc of the show was complete: from the vintage ukulele covers, to the happy Kim songs, to the saddest of the sad Kim songs, with an anecdote about my father's heart attack and a friend's attempted suicide.

"We're going to be sad for a few minutes," I said, "But we'll come back up. I just want you to follow me." And we went. And I didn't feel like I needed to apologize for not only playing happy, fun, sing-a-longs. Sometimes I feel like people only want the fun happy songs, but that is monotonous. I've been really (REALLY) sad these few months and my music shows it, but I am always and will always be the silly, irreverent, surreal, creative force that wrote songs like "The Organ Donor's March" and "The Astronomer." And I will always be the honest, somber, melancholic girl who wrote "The Day We Met" and "Bad Man." I've got a full palette and I intend to use all the colors - the best shows are created from the full range. I'm learning how, or relearning, or always learning. Yes.

All in all, a wonderful last Berlin concert. I am so very ready to go back to SF and show what I have created here, and to add more instruments and see what happens there. I am genuinely excited about my music, my show, my future. And I feel very fortunate to have so many listeners and supporters. It is moving along, gaining ground. Slow, little steps.

I love Berlin, it is a very special city, and I look forward to returning, for a day, or forever. I have no plans now beyond the making of my music. But I am sure that that path will lead me back here.

Now I will spend the rest of the day finishing my art piece for Strychnin Gallery.


Get your tickets for the SF shows: Brown Paper Tickets Shows are Dec. 8th, Dec. 15th, and Dec. 22nd.


  1. As a listener, I relate to the sad songs at least as much to the bouncy happy songs. The range of human emotion is broad, and each point in the spectrum is an opportunity for connection. We are not alone. We are one.

    P.S. The Organ Donor's March was on the soundtrack for Saturday's Dr Sketchy <3

  2. What a beautiful photo of you. I really love your smile in it. I'm sorry for you saddness; and I admir your willingness to own it and create from it, bu I hope there is less of it in your future.
    It's great thear that you're live show was so great. I'm glad that you are finding more confidence on stage. You are an amazing performer and I'm happy you are believeing in that more. I can't wair to hear what you have created =)

  3. You definitely are the Fire and the Flame.
    Fire warms up and sooth and Fire burns.
    And as Fire you feel and give all different kinds of emotions and that's why I love your music and I really appreciate you as an artist and as a person (for what I've been able to learn reading your blogs and watching you, and listening to your songs).

    Shine on!

  4. congrats to your new hair color!