Friday, November 6, 2009

The Animal of Doubt

My mother is almost here. She is in the air right now, gliding as gracefully as ever, when she lands she will roll over to my house, then we will roll together to my show tonight. I've been practicing so much my voice is raw.

I've been getting a lot done but still feel like I am slacking. Probably because my fundraiser is floundering and no amount of other work is going to fix that, actually I'm not sure what will. Somehow I am still optimistic. Oh yeah......because I am an optimist. Sometimes people think that optimists are happy people. That is sometimes true, but also optimists have their feelings crushed under the cold, hard, spiky, awful wheels of reality. Basically every day.

You think we would learn. We being me. The duality of my singular nature.

This is really rambly,

I love this video!

This video is for the Music of Susie Asado who lives here in Berlin and I have an impending coffee date with. She has a show tomorrow - if you live in Berlin you should go see it - with Kat Frankie. I can't go as I will be singing a duet with Jim Avignon somewhere else.


  1. Enjoy your mothers visit and try not to get crushed :)

  2. Your mother is awesome! I'm glad you are going to see her!!

    I agree with you about the pains of opimisim. If you always expecting the best to happen, and constantly keep your hopes up, you are bound to have them crushed more that a negative person would. But I see no point in being any other way. If people didn't dream big and keep large hope alive in their hearts, we would not have the great beauty we find in this world every day.

    I really loved the videos, thank you for sharing them =)