Monday, November 9, 2009

It's only bad if you think about it.

I am so tired. I hardly did anything today - physically that is. I spent the entire day hunched over my laptop coding something I will tell you all about very soon - tomorrowish.

I also went out a little bit today to hand out fliers for my next Berlin show and I helped build a wall to divide a living city.

What I mean to say is that I took part in an art project in which 33,000 people stood along the line of the wall and blocked streets and sidewalks, many holding candles. I had no idea this was going on, I just stumbled across it with my mother and since we are the type of people who do not need our arms twisted in order to stand around in the middle of the street belligerently blocking traffic, we were all in.

The street was only blocked for a few minutes as people milled about with beers and soggy umbrellas. Then suddenly the "wall" opened and cars started to stream through while we all cheered at the newfound freedom.

It was powerful to see, we were having fun but the statement was clear.

We still build walls. We build walls that keep people in, or out. We restrict movement. We tell people it is for their own safety. We do it without a sense of irony.

I asked my East German roommate what it was like to live behind the wall when he was younger. Was it hard?

"It was not terrible everyday." he said, "It was just life. It was only bad if you thought about doing anything."

So what, dear friends, do we do about this?


  1. I am just happy that you took a few minutes away from tweaking with your mom to do something constructive, like block traffic ;)

  2. Beautiful Blog. So awesome that you and your mom took part in this. It's easy to forget when we celibrate past victories over the forces of hate that there are sill areas of the world in which humans keep making the same mistakes. I edited a speech for a professor in college which dipicted her mother's expeciences at the Israeli West Bank barrier, and it made me cry. Why, humans, why? I hope we move past this in my time. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts =)