Friday, September 18, 2009

Supercilious Fenis Pencing

Last night was so good. I have great friends. Amanda has moved from the "person I know from work" category to a proximity friend (great friend when in the same physical space) and that is pretty fucking great because she is fucking great. Neil is still on the periphery but we can be silly together and walk arm in arm and he confides in me when I'm around, so while I wouldn't say "Yeah, I'm like totally best friends with Neil Gaiman." I would be sure to pick him up if he fell down a flight of stairs rather than water his plants when he went out of town - that I only do for the best of the bestest friends.

There was no dressing room in the venue last night so Amanda and I dressed in the men's room - "Better make-up tips from the boys." Amanda explained. We practiced 'Such Great Heights.' Cute German boys told us it the "the best pee we ever had!"

I got to see lots of friends, got to kiss AFP and NFG, got lots of good video footage, was VERY sparkly.

AFP and NFG signed my Ukulele, which will be available to one very lucky person after I am done with it here in Berlin and recording my album - details soon!


I'm making a video......!!! If you want to be in it just film yourself saying "We believe in you!" (even if there is only one of you please say "we.") You can say it in any language, including Sign (!!!! yes please!) and you can film it with whatever camera you have - laptop webcam is great.

Then email me a quicktime movie file to kim (at)

This will be an ongoing project - the first edition will be posted in the next few days - maybe tomorrow!


Berlin is basically magical for me. I have an art piece going up at Strychnin Gallery for the next show which opens Sept. 9th. More details soon.

I love my life! Except when people throw eggs at me, which happened today for NO REASON. Luckily I was not hit, just splashed on one arm. Gross.

And now for something completely different:


  1. Ha ha, so awesome! I'm glad you would pick up NFG if he fell down the stairs. He's amazing, and thankfully, doesn't look too heavy. It's so awesome that you took a chance and went to Berlin. I'm so glad to hear that your bravery is paying off so nicely. And, as always, thank you for your unique blending of rock and roll and science; it's very educational and mind opening. Sorry about the eggs, I mean, it wasn't me, but I'm sorry that it happened.

  2. Hrm, Sweetie knows Sign Language. Now I must go attack him with my computer.

  3. And you thought human dating was hard!