Friday, September 11, 2009

Back in B-town

No one calls it B-town as far as I know, I just made that up and I think it sounds really lame. Anyway...I'm in Berlin, again! I love it here, the city, the people, the food, the hats. I am needing to be especially frugal, saving all I can so I can record my album - for which there will be a fundraiser very shortly - but I found a hat. Maybe even THE HAT. You know? The one that changes everything. It is very Berlin, very cabaret, very Kim, very very necessarily: MY HAT!

Berlin is good to me: good friends, good food, good shoes, good hats ...(....I know you know already!)

Tonight I had a great pasta dinner at 'Mädchen Italianer' in Mitte, even though we had to wait over an hour for our entrees and I spilled wax all over my velvet coat while pretending to throw a lighted candle at the next table which was full of obnoxious coworkers trying to dominate each other with laughter. Let this be a lesson to you:

If you are going to pretend to throw the candle just go ahead and throw it because the wax gets spilled all the same.

I move into temporary housing tomorrow - I'll be there for a week, still looking for more permanent digs in B-town (NO ONE CALLS IT THAT!)

I've been toying with the idea of doing webcasts of songwriting sessions. Probably mostly silly stuff, but maybe something nice will come of it. Basically I will write songs live online, and maybe take suggestion as to what the songs should be about. What do you think?



  1. I would tune in to watch you write songs and be silly! I love how you write what the voices in your head are saying

  2. B-town sounds awesome but you know you miss us a little :)

  3. That is a completely fabulous hat on a completely fabulous person.

  4. I'm glad that B-Twon is being good to you =) It's very inspiring to see someone just get up and go were they know they will be happy, with little fear and not much of a plan. You rock <3

    I like the idea of a webcast song writing event. I just can't think of how that wouldn't be fun!

    Your candle story made me laugh out lound in the quiet office at the campground were I'm reading this, which is awesome.

    <3 Ry

  5. I call Brighton, where I live, B Town...Berlin deserves to be called Berlin I think.

    Also being frugal at the moment (oh! the life of the artiste! hah) but I have bought 3 hats lately. They were good hats.