Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today in Berlin

First off, my father is fine, healing well after his heart attack.

I am still shocked but getting better everyday. I have a new appreciation of grief and its effect/affect.

Also: I am in Berlin! Which I love finding myself in. Today maybe the Botanical Gardens. Read my book on the grass. Picnic by myself. Dance tonight. First write blog.

Off to a good start and I haven't left the bed.

Today I have some favorites to share with you sweet readers.

Today's favorite website:

Today's favorite song: "we are gods we are wolves" Le Loup

Today's favorite quote:

"..learning how to think really means learning how to exercise some control over how and what you think. It means being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention to and to choose how you construct meaning from experience. Because if you cannot exercise this kind of choice in adult life, you will be totally hosed.”

David Foster Wallace


  1. I'm glad that both your dad and you are recovering well. It's great that you are starting to relax and enjoy Berlin. I couldn't imagine how difficult somethin like tht must be, and I can't blame you for still being in shock.

    I loved the website, the song, and especially the quote. There is a lot to be said about a disiplined mind, and so many of the day to day problems I face re due to people jst not understaning that, and carnaly reacting to every situation. But like DFW said, they end up "totally hosed" in the end. Thank you for sharing your thoughs and this art with us today.
    <3 ry

  2. I completely missed that drama. Sorry to read about this. I hope he is better. I was wondering what was up with you girls, it seems to me that you haven't twitted for ages (but I might have missed it).