Saturday, July 11, 2009

On the Seventh Day - Evolution in Berlin

Today my coat is torn, luckily I live just above the Sewing Cafe where I can apparently get coffee and rent a sewing machine or serger for €6 an hour. Can Berlin possibly get any better? Well, I could really use a washing machine. I had to take a shower with my clothes last night to get the laundry done. Damn this indoor smoking thing, that is a serious mark against Berlin.

But I didn't come here to be negative!

Last night:

Lots of riding in the rain, apparently Berlin has got itself a Monsoon season. Nice.

Dinner with a sweet Swede who may be my new Berlin flatmate.

Stopped at Strychnin Gallery to ogle their latest scrumptious show and say hello to Cookie and Graham(I am not making up names.)

I need to submit my art to them. Yes. Yes, I do.

Then I was tired and cold so I rode home but an encounter with the ever entertaining Scream Club had me ready to go out to a party for graduates from a fashion program that just had their final exhibition today. So out we went to find a really cool bar that was an old industrial space with a disco ceiling and lots of attractive, well dressed people grooving on the beats.

I generally feel socially awkward and out of place at parties (especially those filled with attractive, well dressed hipsters) but I danced like no one was watching (which is my constant style of dancing*) and then lounged around with Cindy Wonderful inside a massive boiler/gas tank type of thing which had been converted into a secret couch/room.

Dancing is so life affirming.

* Zoe says my physical comedy is the best she's ever seen. If you catch me in the right mood I may show you my moves.

Today's website: Bacteria as Art

"These images are patterns that bacteria form when grown in a petri dish. While the colors and shading are artistic additions, the image templates are actual colonies of tens of billions of these microorganisms. The colony structures form as adaptive responses to laboratory-imposed stresses that mimic hostile environments faced in nature."

Today's song: mmmm can't decide, how about two of my own from my 31 songs in 31 days project?

<a href="">01/23/09 - Riding in the Rain (written by request - with Handsome Chuck) by Vermillion Lies</a>

<a href="">01/17/09 - Put on the Suit and Dance (with Myles Boisen)****! by Vermillion Lies</a>

Today's quote: "We are a process, and an unfolding." -George Elliot


  1. I always dance like no one is there, mostley because I scare them away.

  2. Ooo, seeing your phisical comedy would indeed be a treat! I'm glad you are able to let go and dance like that. I tend to be a bit shy at parties like that too, but I still try to be myself and it ends up beig fun.

    That bactera photoragaphy was amazing. Nature is so beautiful.

    <3 Ry

  3. Work like you don't need the money, love like you have never been hurt and dance like no one is watching you =]