Friday, July 30, 2010

Sketch your heart out

In Melbourne, Australia to make music videos - they are SO GOOD!!! I stopped by Dr. Sketchy's Melbourne to pose with Agent Cleave for some hot gypsy on gypsy action.


I'm getting ready to release chapter one of my album - The Impossible Girl. Chapter One will have four songs, produced by Sean Slade, recorded by Benny Grotto. Everyone who pre-ordered my album will get a download code to download chapter one - and all subsequent chapters.

I have a big fancy San Francisco show on August 20th and it would be very wonderful if you came to see me and celebrate the launch of Chapter One of The Impossible Girl. The show will be at The Independent with The New Orleans Bingo! Show - truly a concert experience not to be missed: August 20th at The Independent

Here is a random shot of me in a dressing room trying out costumes for a video shoot:


And here I am after my gig at The Epsy, hanging out in a strange fountain and looking rather epic: