Thursday, July 15, 2010

Final Weekend of Album Pre-Order

Final album preview tracks up! Including 'Rainbows and Unicorns'!

<a href="">Gypsy - Album Preview by Kim Boekbinder</a>

We are so very close to the end. Pre-order comes down on July 18th! The Gaiman/Palmer/Boekbinder signed ukulele will go out to its new home. The pre-order will fold in on itself, fashion for itself a little cocoon, and emerge very soon as a new and fantastical winged beast called, 'The Impossible Girl.'

We're so very close! $16,000 has been raised so far and the recording is done! Mastering is being done, album art is coming in, music videos are being filmed (in Australia!) and the release date will be announced on July 19th.

If you want to pre-order, now is the time, as the pre-order will go away on Sunday, July 18th. Still lots of tasty pre-order packages available.

Thank you for being part of the process! We're almost done!! Hurray!!!


Kim Boekbinder
The Impossible Girl


  1. Just listened to the preview tracks again and got chills. They were so amazing that I had to go add to my pre-order total!

  2. You have accomplished an amazing feat, Kim. You brought people together to support the process of art. You and this project are inspiring. :o)

  3. kim, i e-mailed you some time ago about getting paychecks and being able to pre-order. i managed, and oh dear - i love the preview tracks. terribly excited for the whole record already. x