Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Embarrassment of Riches

First, a video from the recording studio featuring a new song dedicated to you.

Demo Recording with Sean Slade from Kim Boekbinder on Vimeo.

This last week has been a time of wonderful support. I feel so lucky, and whelmed and flowing over with gratitude. I am absolutely humbled by the generosity of spirit I have encountered these past few days. Thank you.

I have been fed, entertained, taught ukulele, given sparkly dresses, given a place to sleep, picked up, driven, cared for, and supported by so many that I'm at a loss.

Thank you: To those who donated to my $500 fundraiser for my first day of recording. I made $1500 total! You &$#%#$ rock!

Thank you: Beth and Kayla for kittens, couches, uke lessons, patience, and guiding through the subway system.

Thank you: Molly Crabapple for letting me play Dr. Sketchy's and being such a **^&%^$ amazing artist and friend.

Thank you: Ryan, who drove Kayla and I to Boston in the middle of the night - with a kitten - and whose generosity is inspiring.

Thank you: Sean Francis, who makes me happy.

Thank you: Bonnie and Chuck for food, bed and love. And Ross!

Thank you Sean Slade for such a great day in a great studio. And Adam, and Alex, and Paul at Camp Street Studios.

Thank you: To my mother who drove from Toronto, ON to see my show in Boston and to her boyfriend (who actually did the driving.) My mom showing up made me so happy that I cried and ran down the street to hug her.

All of you mentioned above, and those of you who donated, and those of you reading, are so very appreciated. I feel like I'm flailing in sea of words which cannot express how happy/supported/awed I feel.

Here are some of this week's exploits in video form:

Live at The LilyPad in Boston - with Kayla Oberlin:

The whole show:

Video from Dr. Sketchy's:

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  1. You are a very amazing woman. I feel very grateful that there are people in this world who are willing to devote there lives to making fools like me smile. Seeing the recording process is very fun. Thank you for sharing it with us <3