Friday, August 19, 2011

How to be Impossible: Dancing in the rain.

Me and my brother Oliver.

So I've been thinking about doing a column in my blog called "How To Be Impossible" which would be a sort of "self-help" or "how-to" column, but you know: TOTALLY RIDICULOUS.

I haven't written anything yet because I don't know how to tell you how to shed sequins everywhere you go (because I just do it. I don't know how.) But tonight I did something I can explain. There are easy steps. And so tonight I pen my very first "How To Be Impossible" in the hopes that this will break the seal and now I can write more of these:

Tonight at around 7:04pm a most epic thunderstorm descended on New York. The sky got all DOOM colored and the trees started to dance with the wind. Lightening split the sky and thunder creaked and boomed. Rain thrashed against the windows, coming from every direction at once.

My brother and I decided we should go outside.

The light was fantastic, it wasn't really true night, but it was very dark and DOOM-y. Oliver and I sang "Singing in the Rain" and did the dance - swinging around lamp posts and clicking our heels. We ran and skipped and laughed and jumped until we were soaked through and through.

It is amazingly freeing to do something that doesn't "make sense." Running around in a storm is so much fun. Watching the lightening, loving the thunder, getting soaked. It is extra fun with a family member or friend, but also quite satisfying and sometimes even more freeing to do this alone (I know from experience.)

It doesn't further my career or get anything done. It doesn't give my body nutrients or cure cancer or solve the (insert hyperbole here) crisis. But it is fun.

And fun is so so so so so so so so SO IMPORTANT.

That photo above was taken just after we came inside, the flash sort of obscured how soaked we were, but nothing can hide our excitement.

How To Be Impossible in three easy steps:

1. Find EPIC thunderstorm.

2. Go outside in it.

3. Dance.

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  1. I take so much inspiration from you, and this post is a good example of why. I put so much time and effort into my artwork and trying to manage my own business selling my artwork. Sometimes I forget to take breaks and do something impossible and fun. Thanks for the reminder :)