Monday, February 14, 2011

Unicorns and Happiness

by Cynthia

For my birthday I asked people to draw me riding a unicorn, and I got some very lovely submissions. These make me really happy. 

By Melissa Dowell

by Alice 

From Dietmar 
by Floriana

By Jewell

by Jini

 by @kandis123

 by @klockan8

by The Kiska

The Kiska also included this amazing email explanation. Subject line: I'M AN ART MAJOR

"Dearest Kim,

Happy birthday! I hope it was an awesome one. As requested, I have drawn you YOU, riding a unicorn. But it's MORE than just you riding a unicorn! I would like to point out straight away that you are, indeed, naked. But there is fair reason for that. In a world where unicorns just step out of hiding at 9 AM and allow you to ride on them, do you honestly think people would worry about clothing? Of course not! They'd HOP on his/her/it's/hir's back without a second thought and ride until they needed to stop for food or perhaps a bathroom break! And, if they WERE wearing clothing, ANYONE would tear the fabricy strands from their body from SHEER excitement!

Secondly, you also have lobster claws. There's a good reason for that too. It's your birthday present. Gifts are best when they're filled of things you do NOT expect and when was the last time someone drew you naked with lobster claws? WHILE riding a unicorn? It's your special day. Embrace your gorgeous hands. They'll help you catch your prey or pick little buggies out that are nezzled in Unicorn's hair. They also produce sparkles.

You're also a faerie.

Lastly, the upper left hand corner was very bland, so I tried to draw you a mango vine. But the mangos just looked like a bunch of deformed glaring eyes with streamers running through them, so I drew you a glass of wine. Clearly, Unicorn is bringing you right to it and you can reach out with your lobster claws and grab it. I hope you're not allergic to wine. Lots of people I know have grown an allergy to wine within the past two weeks. If so, then it's grape juice. And if you're allergic to grapes all together, it's blood.

I hope you had a FABULOUS birthday (by the looks of your blog, it seems so!). I've always wanted to be friends with and ride a unicorn too. I know it'll happen some day.

Enjoy your drawing of you! Keep happy and awesome!! Much love!


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  1. Happy birthday, Kim! What a fantastic birthday celebration idea!

    And the artist named Alice did a remarkable job illustrating the rare but distinct condition found in unicorns referred to as "flamingo knee". Well done, Alice!

    Sparkle on,

    Farmer McGlitter