Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Best Birthday (UNICORNS!)

I just had the best birthday ever. Yesterday I was being miserable. I hate birthdays. And I can be quite miserable. And then, while rolling around in a heap of badness, I had the clarity to ask myself what exact purpose my misery was serving. Unable to come up with an answer I decided to ignore the crappy voices inside my head that tell me I'm not working hard enough/being good enough/taking over the world enough/beautiful enough/skinny enough/lovable enough/sparkly enough and that I would just have a nice time instead.

And I did:

I got breakfast in bed

I got absinthe. And a Zoom audio recorder. I got lots of sparkly things.

I got fish and chips. Friends came over and we talked and laughed and drank absinthe and made stupid videos and kissed. And now I'm writing a totally indulgent blog about NOTHING AT ALL. Except just to say:

I have been drinking absinthe. And I have had a wonderful day.

Not that much absinthe.

But lots and lots of wonderful.

I wish I could figure out how to be happy more often. How to be not so hard on myself for not curing death/inspiring world peace/scoring the most beautiful symphony ever heard by human ears/ having perfect eyelashes. But today it was enough to just be nice to myself - or rather - to tell the inner voices to take a day off and SHUT THE FU*K UP.


Also...ohh! Birthday wish: please, pretty please, draw me riding a unicorn. I so so so so SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO badly(goodly?) want drawrings of me riding unicorns.

I will be happy FOREVER if you send me a drawing.

Quick sketch or epic masterpiece - all manner of magical unicorn ridingness will be accepted, nay! cherished!

send to: kim - at - kimboekbinder.com


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