Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Impossible Girl - FULL ALBUM LAUNCH!

Yes!!!!!!! YESYESYES!!!

I have an album. It is launched. It is up and ready and out and you can get it!!! 

If you pre-ordered my album your package is on it's way - check your email for your download code and more information. 


Because you are lovely I am offering this discount code of 35% off the CD, which means the CD is only $10 through Dec. 18th (full price is $15)
You are free to use this code yourself or share it with whomever you like.

35% off CD Discount Code: impossible
Check out the things here:  Kim's Store


I've been working on this for so long that I forgot to be excited about it. Until I got my CDs in the mail and then all my excitement was renewed. Digital releases be damned! As long as we have physical bodies we will be interested in, and excited by, the physical world. Even if the CD is just a medium that holds the digital information, it is still a real object. It has texture and weight. Light reflects off its surfaces. The brain is stimulated by the body, and the body loves to have and hold, to see and smell, and feel. And there is a lot of feeling wrapped up in these little CDs. A lot.

Speaking of digital releases - the album is a free download today - December 15th - until midnight! And I was being a bit dramatic about damning the digital releases, because actually there is a lot of neat stuff in the digital release - like art for each track - that the physical product does not provide. Anyway - we live in a world where we get both!

Now go, little Impossible ones, and tell the world: on facebook, twitter, blogs, myspace, anything. Link to my music on bandcamp, link to my fancy videos, spread the music so it can grow and I can keep making music for you.

I have a bunch of new merch too!

New posters. (Two designs that combine into one! )

Fancy, glittery Impossible Girl make-up by Sweet Libertine.

Two eyeshadows and one glitter.


A note on the chapter releases and the downloads:

All of the songs from the chapters are also included in the full album, PLUS six more songs. So you can delete the chapters if you like. Don't worry about losing any songs - you will have them all and more.


And have you seen this amazingly creepy new music video of mine?

Directed by Jim Batt

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