Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hearing My Song on the Radio

Today I tuned in to BBC6 Music online to listen while a fan in Florida got to call in and request any song he wanted. What he requested was my song, "Rainbows and Unicorns," and what happened inside me was amazing.

I listened to several songs before mine came on, radio friendly songs by famous artists, wondering how my song would sound next to these slick productions.

The show's host, Chris Hawkins, announced that they would be talking to listeners all around the world to get special Christmas requests. Chris said that one of these calls would be to Tampa, Florida - this is where Kyle, the young man requesting my song, lives. Seems the call to him was eagerly anticipated. They liked especially when Kyle said, "Awesome." And Kyle was Awesome. He was casually articulate and interesting. And he had chosen my song as his gift to BBC6 Music.

And then Rainbows and Unicorns started, and held it's own next to all those famous songs. There was my little song, not so little anymore, out in the world, all on it's own, doing it's thing, and being rather lovely.

I was anxious and proud and honored and shy and amazed and happy most of all.

Thank you, Kyle!


And then I watched the final edit of my music video by Jim Batt. "Stalker" video launches tomorrow: Monday, December 13th. Watch out world, this video is really wonderful!

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