Friday, November 19, 2010

Quite Possibly Impossible

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The Impossible Girl is being...... difficult.

Today the manufacturing plant called to say there is a problem with the master audio disc I supplied them. I should tell you, I was not very nice to them. This is their fault. They should have checked the files weeks ago, when they said they were checking the files.

Every day there is a problem. Things that should be simple, easy, rote, are difficult, awkward, late, broken, corrupted.

I've put out several CDs with my band. I know how this is done. The manufacturing plant makes tens of thousands of albums every year. My mastering engineer is one of the very best. It isn't like we all just woke up and decided to make a CD. We are professionals performing the crafts we have been perfecting for years.

This isn't a crisis, this doesn't change the release date of December, 15th. It's just very stressful to get phone calls every day with new problems.

But maybe this is part of the story of The Impossible Girl. My own journey to her wasn't easy, so why should her journey to me be any easier?

Travis Louie, who drew the amazing cover art, told me he started the painting three times. I've watched him work, he's amazing, everything he does looks perfect. I can't imagine anything he does being not good enough. And he told me how strange it was to have to start this piece over and over.

The first song of the album, Impossible Girl #1, is an incantation, the sound which calls her forth into the world. I implore you to sing it with me. In your head, in your room, in your local coffee shop, at work, at home, at a glance. Sing it loud! Play it loud! Share it loud!

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Next album will be called, The Easy Girl....


  1. Knowing how frustrating these things can be and how the Pollyanna approach can become daunting, I can;t help but say that the harder the road, the more amazing the destination can be! I'm sure The Impossible Girl will be super duper amazing for all the difficulties she has faced and continues to face! May she manifest in all of us always <3 <3

  2. I can't wait to write my completely unbiased review (this is of course a complete lie. I am completely biased).

    The name of the next album has so many meanings ;)