Sunday, November 14, 2010

Important News - New Release Date

In the fashion of many beautiful and difficult women, The Impossible Girl is late. Not terribly late, but late enough that I am pushing back my release date to December 15th. Sometimes art takes longer than you expect. Actually, it almost always does. But also, sometimes, it exceeds your expectations. And taking the time to make it great pays off.
And, well, The Impossible Girl will not be rushed.
As you can see above, the art by Travis Louie is amazing; the design by Jim Batt is wonderful.
She looks great. She sounds amazing. She's totally impossible. We wouldn't have her any other way.
The new release date, and the date you can expect to have your CD packages by is December 15th. In time for that holiday. And better for the wait. Believe me. It is beautiful!
Order the album here. You can also order additional discounted copies for friends, family, attractive strangers, strange attractors, stage actors, staid acts, stacks and stacks of them - the album that is:    ORDER HERE
Thank you. So much. For being with me on this journey.
Humbly, and with great gratitude,

Kim Boekbinder
The Impossible Girl


  1. GGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thats not cool!! :O the wait was killing me, now it shall kill me more :( sigh... well... wait i shall, but this better be utterly amazing!!!!!!!

  2. Sorry! I know...but it will be worth it.

  3. argh.. I bet the wait will be worth. I was so waiting for today.. but we've waited months, I guess one more will do..

  4. I think Kim's respect for the fans and for the album is shown by the fact that she will not rush anything. I greatly admire that.