Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In the Woods, in the Bath, with a Bottle of Whiskey.

Outtake from music video for "Impossible Girl #3" by Jim Batt

Videos are on their way. Being edited. Being made extra amazing. I'm so excited. Just watched a rough cut of the video for "Open/Avocado" by Bri Olson and I LOVE it! Can't wait to share it. I was worried I would hate it because I'm in it and I haven't been feeling so great about me lately. But I still love it. Any director who can make me enjoy 3 minutes of my own face is very talented indeed.

Actually I have been depressed for the past week. No reason.

Nothing is wrong.

But that's the problem with depression. Nothing.

And on top of the depression I felt a guilt (or if there was a feeling it would have been guilt) because actually my life is really amazing right now. And I didn't think I had the right to feel bad. So mostly I just stopped listening to myself. I took a walk. I dug a hole and pushed the nothing into it. Felt the coolness of the ground seep up into me. Washed my hands in the ocean. Wrote "Impossible Girl" in the sand and watched the waves swallow her whole, take her out to sea where her heart flies. Sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty.

Today I feel better. Been getting things done. Playing with a two year old - mostly teaching her how to swear and run with scissors. (We finally got in trouble for jumping on the furniture.)

Don't you wish your big sister was a rock star? Yes, yes you do.

The songs are still going strong. 12,000 plays now. Has slowed down after last week's flurry of famous author mentions, but there seems to be a slow burn. Even if you aren't a famous author it means a lot to me, and really does help, when you mention my music on the internet. Twitter, facebook, myspace, blogs. All of it helps. As does using your mouth to tell people. I like that one too.

http://bit.ly/TIGch1  - copy and paste that to share.

And one last thing: Your homework assignment for the day/week/year/life

Take a moment to think about the person or people closest to you. Someone you might take for granted. Think about something they do really well. Maybe it's the way they cook, or sing, or make art, or smell, or look, or snoozle, or wrangle ocelots, or travel through time....could be anything.

And now tell them.

Today: pay someone a compliment. Because we take people for granted. All of us. And even if we know how great someone is, we often forget to tell them. Because we think their greatness is so self evident that to mention it would be redundant.

I think you're great. I do. I really like the way you read my blog.




  1. Ms Boekbinder, I really like the way you follow your heart. Also how you steal other people's hearts.


  2. Thank you for posting this, Kim. And let me take this opportunity to say - I love the music *you* make. It fills me with wonder and joy.

  3. You aren't close to me, in fact you don't even know me, but thank you for your honesty and courage.

  4. Dear Kim,

    You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. You feel the way you feel...there is nothing wrong with that. Those feelings will pass in time...and be replaced with joy which too shall pass.

    In my opinion it is natural that you are feeling a bit insecure and not the greatest about you...you have just put a piece of your soul out into the world and now you have no control over the world's reaction to it.

    Thank you for creating amazing art...and spreading such joy. The Impossible Girl is my new official happy track - I cannot listen to it, without a great big goofy grin coming onto my face :D

    And, I think your sister is incredibly lucky - it sounds like you are teaching her to have fun. I hope she doesn't forget that ever :)

    And at the risk of being redundant you make wonderful music and spread joy like sequins:)

  5. I think *you're* great :) Your music has playing nearly constantly on my iPod over the past couple weeks. You're doing something amazing, putting yourself and all this music out here.

    I'm very excited for your new music videos. Feel good about yourself! You're pretty great yourself, you know. And thank you so much for everything you've given us!

  6. Perhaps your depression was just a crash from finally getting the album done and out there.