Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Exceptions, and Random Movie Times

Zip. Zip. Zoom. Trying to keep up with all the emails. Falling behind.

Getting some lovely buzz on my little EP/first chapter of my album.

Neil Gaiman's tweets helped steer some people my way. And today Warren Ellis blogged about The Impossible Girl. Fun times!

I am now sitting in bed - though sleep is many hours away (I also call bed, "the office,") under a pile of sequin dresses. Fun times!

I'm staying in Carmel, CA with my father. My two year old sister is very excited to see me. She 'helps' me cook, and type; she tries to take my pants off while I stand in the kitchen; she sticks her hand down my shirt (after looking down it to see what's in there;) bites my thighs; sticks her finger up my nose; and squirts herself in the eye with Windex. Then she laughs as I hold her under the tap to rinse her eyes out. Fun times!

I taught her how to pounce on people. And how to jump on all the furniture - a skill which has helped me get as far as I have in the world today.

I'm not really a "kid person" - as a general rule - but she's a pretty fantastic little person and I make exceptions for the exceptional (smartest thing I've EVER said.)

**Random Movie Times**

This is a short silent film clip I made with Jim Batt while I was in Melbourne, Australia last month making 5 music videos. This clip is for Jim's Ghostlight Project which is a collaboration with four other artists of various mediums - it's really good.

Every day of the week, Monday through Friday, a new post gets added. Monday's are the days that Jim adds a new silent film clip, Tuesday is music, Wednesday is a photograph, Thursday is a graphic of some sort - usually a film poster, and Friday is a written piece (a scrap of script, a journal entry from an insane actor...) The project is really interesting and I was very excited to be part of it. Jim is very talented, as evidenced. Kim is very silly, as evidenced. Enjoy!

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