Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Website, New Art

"Unipus" by Shannon Marshall

I am listening to this: Botanica because it is SO effing good. (Fun fact: Brian Viglione plays drums.) Go listen. Then buy a ticket to their show: TICKET LINK

Then eat a cookie.

I am re-doing my websites because I was tired of the art that had nothing to do with me, even though naked ladies are nice to look at. I rather like the image of me holding a severed heart - by the wonderful Mary Larsen

I have your heart...I have your heart...I have your heart...!

Speaking of which! Molly Crabapple and I are working with a truly wonderful animator, Jim Batt, in Australia to make "The Organ Donor's March" animated music video! We had our very first cross-continental Skype meeting last night and got some good things accomplished. I am a very lucky girl. We'll be posting images/videos and more soon.

Then Molly and I did a quick stop-motion test for another music video idea I have - because we must always be doing as many things as possible. It goes by fast, but it works and we did it on an iPhone (and a bottle of champagne.)

I now have three music videos in the works. And new artists who will be contributing to the album art. I am absolutely over the moon, ecstatically happy, and a little delirious about the people who want to be involved. There will be A LOT of art - one beautiful piece for each track on the project! Feast your eyes on their talents (these are not the pieces for the album...those come later...)

Travis Louie

Dax Tran-Caffee.

As well as the art of a beautiful gypsy (yes, by blood) who writes, paints, tells fortunes, and lives a passionate life. The enchanting,
Katelan Foisy. Read her blog, it is delicious.

There are more, I will be announcing them as they come.

If you would like to make art for "The Impossible Girl" please send it to kim (at) - I will post every piece I get on the website - though they might not all fit in the "official" release.

I'm also looking for short stories about "The Impossible Girl" - whatever that means to you.

And while I'm at it I will tell you the thing that has been making me smile happy little heart warming smiles to myself all week:

Rosanne Cash - yes, THE Rosanne Cash - pre-ordered my album! We follow each other on twitter, and after a 140 character conversation about nuclear physics she watched my webcast from my last show. She liked my album preview so much that she ordered the album. And this, I must say, is quite a compliment. Here is a lady who has been steeped in amazing music since before she was born. She is incredibly talented, intelligent and lovely - her Twitter stream attests to these allegations.

And I put up a subscription button on my website - by request - for people who want to give me money every month. Whee! What you give will be tallied up and you'll get the album pre-order package that corresponds with the amount you give.


And....whew...Oh man, I'm exhausted from all these words and concepts, but just one more thing: I'm hosting this event on April 24th, I'll play a few songs, but mostly will be very charming with the microphone and dancing to the music of my fantastic friends, Budzillus - from Berlin! These parties are legendary. Get tickets!

Also going to see Budzillus tonight in the East Village - come!

Mehanata Bulgarian Bar
9pm, April 15th
113 Ludlow


  1. Geez, is it possible to love someone you don't even know?

    Sure,why the hell not?

    Anyway, I hope that Brian and you get together and create some other dimensional music to literally blow my mind to smithereens against every boring artist out there!

  2. Dax is rad. I've shared a bill with him a couple times- so glad you're showcasing his art!
    & I shared a hotel with Travis at Comicon once.
    Exemplary gentlemen, those two.

  3. New website but same wonderful you. We are now less than 2 months away from seeing you rock out on The Blue Monday Stage. Not that I am counting or anything.

  4. Thanks for the subscribe button. It makes things so much easier if I have to go away from the internet for a while...

    Those graphic artists are wonderful. I am particularly attracted to Travis Louie's work.
    And thanks for the tip on Botanica.