Sunday, February 15, 2009

The top ten songs have been chosen - by you!

Well, as you may know, our van got broken into and Zoe's laptop got stolen (also my old old laptop and our GPS unit.) Replacing the driver's side window cost $156.

We posted a donation button on our myspace page and are very close to being able to replace all of it! Amazing!

I've also received a lot of support for my Thirty-One song project for which I am very grateful. Our friends and fans are wonderful!

31 lucky people will soon be receiving the limited edition 31 songs on CD. Thank you all for donating!

In the past week I have had two eminent music types tell me they like my project! Fred Frith congratulated me, and producer Sean Slade (Dresden Dolls, Radiohead)put in his vote for top ten. I feel all happy to have so many folks cheering me along.

And thank you for voting. Here are the winning songs, in order of popularity:

Sugar House Lullaby
Not in Love
Pictures of You
Like Strangers Do
All That I Have
Hell's Diner
End of the Line

Bonus Track: Put on the Suit and Dance

And in other news - our spring tour just got extended - thank you Amanda Palmer! - so I won't have as much home time to record these 10 songs, but I will start work on one of them to be done by the time we leave on tour - March 10th. Keep checking in as I'll be asking you to help me decide what to add to the track. Sugar House Lullaby gets it first!

Love. Love



This is one of the reasons I love the Bay Area:

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  1. Great choice of tracks... I look forward to this recording