Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kim Vermillion's Thirty-One Project Lives On!

Hey Howdy Little Vermillionaires,

We made it! 31 songs! Wow. Now what?

Now a contest!

I'm going to make 31 CDs of the songs as they are now - with signed cover art and something extra for fun - and I'm going to give them away at random to people who have donated to my project.

I will actually write down all the names and then pick 31 out of a hat. (Actually I'll pick 30 because Sean Francis got me into this mess so he gets a damn CD whether he wants it or not. And I know he wants it.)

It's not too late! I'm going to keep the contest open until Feb 11th so you can donate ANY amount to put your name in for the drawing. Each name will only go in once, though you can donate as many times as you like. Many people have donated $31 which I think is pretty great (somebody is even going to give me stock in a Canadian company - more at the end of this giant update.) You can donate through Bandcamp or right here:

The artists who donated art will also be included in this contest: Trixie, Brent, Syvlia, Edgar, Hayley, and Jordan. (While art will always be accepted and appreciated it will no longer qualify you to enter the contest.)


I'm pleased to announce that following the successful completion of my 31 songs in 31 days project I am launching the sequel, no not 28 days in February, but rather the refinement and continuation of January's 31 songs.

I'm going to make an album. No, actually WE are going to make an album!

I need your help, you've been with me all along (or you just showed up - welcome!) and now you know the songs, the styles, the strengths. I want your help choosing the ten strongest songs of the thirty one to make an album out of. So here is a list and if you need a refresher, go to: where you can listen to them all.

(There are 32 tracks because of the bonus track of my boyfriend giving me a hard time about one of my songs not being finished. I went back and finished the song - 29 Harriet)

1. 01/31/09 - End of the Line
2. 01/30/09 - One More Request (by request)
3. 01/30/09 - NOT A SONG YET - Bonus track
4. 01/29/09 - Harriet (written with Twitter)
5. 01/28/09 - Absinthe (with Helen Keller's Ukulele)
6. 01/27/09 - Not My Sister's Keeper (written by request)
7. 01/26/09 - Three in a row
8. 01/25/09 - Hallway
9. 01/24/09 - Chocolate (written by request)
10. 01/23/09 - Riding in the Rain (written by request - with Handsome Chuck)
11. 01/22/09 - Not Really Fish, Not Really Jelly (written by request)
12. 01/21/09 - Others
13. 01/20/09 - Pictures of You
14. 01/19/09 - Three Years
15. 01/18/09 - I hate my birthday
16. 01/17/09 - Put on the Suit and Dance (with Myles Boisen)!
17. 01/16/09 - Boom Boom Hot Teeth
18. 01/15/09 - Like Strangers Do
19. 01/14/09 - Elizabeth
20. 01/13/09 - I don't want to share
21. 01/12/09 - Cookies and Absinthe
22. 01/11/09 - Escape the Moon (written with my sister!)
23. 01/10/09 - Sugar House Lullaby (written by request)
24. 01/09/09 - Legion of the Hungry Ghosts (written by request)
25. 01/08/09 - Let's sing!
26. 01/07/09 - All That I Have
27. 01/06/09 - Hell's Diner (written by request)
28. 01/05/09 - Not in Love
29. 01/04/09 - Mockingbird
30. 01/03/09 - Mannequin
31. 01/02/09 - Bicycle
32. 01/01/09 - Underwater (written by request)

After we choose the songs we'll start production and you get to help. Maybe I played it on piano but you hear it on guitar - tell me! You think a song needs violin, cello, glockenspiel, harp, theremin - tell me! You want to send in a sample of your voice/guitar playing/mom's dog barking for me to incorporate into a song - do it!

I'm not putting a time limit on this but let's say that we'll try to do one track a week. Ok? Great. I'll upload songs as they're being worked on so you can hear the new instruments and help decide what happens next. It's an album by committee, sounds like a nightmare, but let's go into it with a positive attitude. Ok?


Now tell me which songs you want to see finished on an album so we can get started.


And here's an email that made me laugh out loud - someone wanting to give me stock in a Canadian company. I love it!

"Subject: I want to make a donation to 31

Hi, Kim.  You don't know me, though I've seen you play several times. 
I recently found out that you and your sister are Canadian. My grandfather was Canadian; I never knew him.  My wife says that I cannot tell people my ethnicity is 1/4 Canadian, it "doesn't count" or something.  I only mention it because it adds an interesting twist to a quandary that I have, and I don't know how or if it will work out, but maybe...
A few years ago, I inherited one share of stock in the Toronto Star corporation. (Other grandmother.) It's worth about $20.  Sounds nice, right?  Except that every two months I get a divident check for around 16c; it's paid in Canadian funds.  When I convert it to US funds, it becomes about 12c.
Here's the bad part: my bank charges $1.50 to convert my 12c.  I lose money depositing my dividend. Oh, I can ask the bank to waive the fee, and they usually do, but the computer adds it back in, and I have to spend an hour on the phone with customer service asking them to waive it again. It's not worth it any more.
So why don't you sell the one share of stock, you ask.  I talked to a stock broker about that, and there is a service fee of $25 for a stock sale.  I would lose money selling it.
Because this is Class B stock, I cannot have my dividend reinvested in new shares. (I also can't vote for the board of directors.)
Because I am not a Canadian citizen, I cannot open a Canadian bank account over the phone to have it direct deposited, and I don't have the time to drive to BC to open one in person.
Sure, I could just ignore the whole thing, but that's kind of wasteful, don't you think?
Anyway, do you want a share of stock? I don't know how often you might get back to the homeland, I don't know if you already have a bank account that you can DD to, but this could do more for you than it will for me.  If you want to throw me a CD, or put me on a guest list some night, cool, but don't feel obligated.
If you're interested, we'll make it happen.  Ifit sounds like too much work, I understand, don't feel bad. I'll figure something out.
Thank you. Next show I can attend, I'll introduce myself.
PS Of the "31" songs so far, I like "Like Strangers Do" the most.  Terrific lyrics.  I'd like to hear you reinterpret that with a more mellow guitar sound and more lush orchestration someday."



  1. So here's my top ten:

    1. Absinthe
    2. Riding the rain
    3. Bicycle
    4. Like strangers do
    5. Mannequin
    6. End of the line
    7. Not in Love
    8. One more request
    9. Sugar House Lullaby
    10. I hate my bithday

    I know you don't like Mannequin, but I'm curious to see what it would sound like with a piano.
    In other things, you inspired me and I'm doing 28 self-portraits in 28 days:


  2. What a grand idea! I've definitely formed some opinions on these songs. I'll try to distill them and send you an email.

  3. My Top 3.
    1.) All that I have
    My favorite. My only suggestion would be to emphasize more the starting soft and kick-it up before the end. Love that drum.
    2.) Not Really Jelly, not Really Fish
    This would be a great drinking song!
    3.) Legion of the Hungry Ghosts
    I really just like the story telling in this one. "Ghost of a giant ghost" is an amazing line.

    Good luck with this and other projects.