Thursday, May 5, 2011

So Long, Australia

Last day in Melbourne. Corner of Smith & Gertrude. 
Being really cool.

Australia was exactly what I needed. Good shows, good people, staying in one place for longer than two months. I built up an audience, my show got better, I made art, I made friends, I made love. For so many reasons I needed to be right where I was.

And now I'm back in America, sitting in a room in Carmel Ca at my father's house, surrounded by my old things and ready to be back here, putting on shows, being the Impossible Girl, doing what I do best.

My next gig is tonight (Friday May 6th) in Monterey. DETAILS HERE.

Next gigs are in Nevada City CA and San Francisco. DETAILS HERE

Here is a little photo essay of my last weekend in Australia. I went out to the country and played at the Ruffy Community Center to about 50 people who live out there in the wild. 

The fairytale house where I stayed.

Fairytale garden.

Fairytale Oak trees. Seriously.

I go looking for kangaroos at dusk.
Wearing my camouflage.  

Down to the swamp.

This is the face I make when I see kangaroos.
Excited. Also a little hungry.

My show at The Ruffy Community Hall. 
They served cake and coffee during intermission.
(Hello, Twin Peaks.)

A quiet moment in the garden.

Back in Melbourne, I have a going away party.

And then I pack.

Australia, I love you.


Even if you do have scary unicorns.

I'll be back.

Photos by Jim Batt

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  1. Come back soon. Australia just isn't sparkly enough with you away. (and come to Radelaide next time)