Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Impossible Girl - Chapter Two

Chapter Two is out today with wonderful art for each song and a music video by David Westway!

<a href="">The Impossible Girl - Chapter Two by Kim Boekbinder</a>

Downloads of Chapter Two come with high quality copies of all this amazing art. And there are t-shirts!

Art: Tim Smith -
This art is also available as a T-Shirt - order on Bandcamp

(Video for "Stalker" by Jim Batt will premiere on October 6th)

Impossible Girl #2
Art: Kate Rannells
(The song is inspired by Kate!)

(Video for "Impossible Girl #2" by Jim Batt will premiere on September 22nd)

More and More
Art: Mary Larsen

(Video for "More and More" by Bri Olson coming soon!)

Sex, Drugs, & Nuclear Physics
Art: Jim Avignon

Video for "Sex, Drugs, & Nuclear Physics" by David Westway:

Chapter Three releases on October 15th.
Full Album releases on November 15th.

And here is the full photo taken by Lauren Goldberg of Fairytale Vegas


  1. Oooh. Tentacles!
    Sadly I shall have to wait until I go back home this evening before listening and downloading the album. I wonder is I will make it through the day without a case of the fantods.

  2. I love the Stalker art! Can't wait to order that on a shirt!