Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Australians

This past week I've accrued a gaggle of Australians. Some of them have been staying with me. They are very distracting. Hard to get work done with all these attractive people wandering around my apartment in underwear and inviting me out for pie and speakeasies. But instead of going out for pie (and instead of blogging about something very important - I'll post that later today) I am posting this blog about this beautiful group of people I've had the great pleasure of getting to know. Mel leaves today. I get to keep the others for a little longer.

Mel is quick and energetic. She bounces from topic to topic. Her beautiful eyes sparkle with electric life as she tries to scoop up as much experience as she can. When she talks about the future her eyes get dreamy. She makes plans every day, attacks the city with a vitality I've never seen. Her charm and joy are infectious. She is happiness with substance. She is a force of nature and an inspiration.

Rachel is soft and delicious. She smiles when she talks and has a precise lexicon of Rachelisms that the others pick up and toss around for fun. Her small, graceful body fits into vintage dresses perfectly. Her red hair falls in curtains around her pretty face as she leans her head back to laugh. Often in her own little world she can drift away from the group and amuse herself quietly, only to bounce right back into the conversation with a quick word and a laugh and a toss of her ginger locks.

Jimmy's curly blonde hair cannot pick a direction from which to spring forth from his head and so has decided to leap out at all angles. His small leather pouch holds the treasures of his travels - rusted bits of metal and love notes from strangers. He sings with a voice stolen from the 1930's, he plays guitar with long, thin fingers that dance across the strings. His mustache curls up on one side and down on the other. The quality of his eye contact is breathtaking.

Anthony has a quiet magnetism. He is thin and willowy, looks stunning in a sequin dress. Both completely feminine and completely masculine. His hair stops traffic, his eyes stop hearts. He is stoic and can seem aloof, but is always engaged and present. He is a pole dancer and a painter. He is up for adventures and down for 4am rambling talks. Everything is genuine. And he smells like cake.


  1. I miss you lot! Ant, I took your eyelashes off the bathroom door yesterday, made me sad so I had to stick them back.


  2. One can only hope that 4 boys from Atlanta cause as much a ruckus.