Sunday, March 7, 2010

Album Preview! - Impossible Girl - Up Now!

<a href="">Album Preview! - Impossible Girl #4 by Kim Boekbinder</a>

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This is a preview track for my upcoming album, "The Impossible Girl." The song is called "Impossible Girl #4."

The recording of the album is being funded by a successful pre-order campaign.

I reached my halfway mark of $10,000 on March 7th, 2010. I need a total of $20,000 to complete the album.

To pre-order:

Pre-orders start as low as $5, while $20 will get you an advance, limited edition, signed copy.

I'm working with producer, Sean Slade (Radiohead, Dresden Dolls,) and engineer Benny Grotto (Mad Oak Studios.) The sooner I get my funding, the sooner the album comes out.
We are currently working on 20 tracks! The styles are as diverse as my songs have ever been: pretty, strange, playful, sad, dark, haunting, jaunty, and more.

I cannot wait to set this album free.

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Producer: Sean Slade
Engineer: Benny Grotto
Musicians: Kim Boekbinder, Jeremy Curtis, Michael Lewis, Ian Kennedy, Sean Slade

Photo Credit: Lauren Goldberg /


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The Impossible Girl - Album preview from Kim Boekbinder on Vimeo.

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This album is made possible by pre-orders and donations from people who love music! Thank you!


  1. It's lovely! Thanks for the treat.

  2. Oh Kim, it's so beautiful! <3 I will get the word out as best I can for you. I'm so excited for you and the album!!! Thank you!! What a wonderful way to wake up =)

    So much love <3

  3. I love the song. Honestly.

    I'm thirsty for this album and it's musical juices. Great job, Kim.

    Hugs & kisses