Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rock on Wheels!

Finally slept A LOT and woke up in the afternoon. Went for soy chai and chocolate croissant in the little square where we are staying. The house we are staying in used to be occupied by "Robots in Disguise" (great video here) and is now occupied by Cindy Wonderful from "Scream Club" (video here!!) and now Vermillion Lies = EPIC HOUSE!

We decided to walk to our show tonight - just me and Zoe - pushing our gear on a skateboard. Yes, so glamorous! After a mile I DID NOT FEEL LIKE A ROCKSTAR!

Later in the evening I met a german (really? in Germany?) who thought it was really cool that we brought a skateboard all the way from america for the purpose of pushing a damn suitcase down the sidewalk.

The show was at the Lovelite and it was fun. We played with the Kamikaze Queens - they are rockin'!

Then I made out in a room with a disco ball. With someone else.

Tomorrow is May 1st and it will be a MAD party in the streets. Anarchists, police, artists, scared tourists. Wheeeeee!

Please enjoy this complimentary photo of myself with a skateboard and a bunch of *&(*%$#@ heavy gear in Berlin:

skateboards = glamour on Twitpic

p.s. Zoe is in love.


  1. You 2 are so rock star! Making out, falling in love, riding skateboards. Color me green again!

  2. Skateboards ARE cool. AND...they make you cool for USING them. (however you do it)

  3. You made out with a disco ball while someone else was in the room, or you made out with someone in a room that had a disco ball?
    Either way, nice!