Saturday, December 20, 2008

Art is the start

I have two art shows coming up in February, the first is a two person show with my very good friend Kate Rannells. Kate is a fantastic sculptor and we'll both be creating new works for this show. The show will be at Cricket Engine Gallery in Oakland and will run from February 6th to 28th with an opening on February 7th and a closing party on the 28th. I think we're also planning a mid month shindig with new work up, I'll post more later.

The University of Santa Cruz also contacted me for some work they saw on my website, so I'll be preparing those for showing as well. (My website is in terrible need of updating.....)

Since I'm home for a while, having cancelled most of our January tour, I'd like to spend that time making a lot of visual art and I think I'll start seeking commissions. If you're interested please write to me - kboekbinder at yahoo.

Today I worked on sculptures and went to the recording studio where Myles is producing the next Tiger Lillies album, he wanted some toy piano on a few tracks so I played. Photographic evidence:

The Tiger Lillies were not there, just me and my little piano, and Myles.

Here are some photos of me at work burning things.

A finished piece:

My workspace:

Making pasta:

The kitties make my life better:

The neighbors air-dry their fish:

How do you dry your fish?

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